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2013 National School SCRABBLE Championship

Player Rosters

Division A
17107Bay SCRABBLE 1
23337Bay SCRABBLE 2
30mixBay SCRABBLE 3
40mixBelzer MS 1
505Buckley Country Day School
605Churchill Road ES 1
75805Churchill Road ES 2
8804mixDeal MS 1
97467Deal MS 10
10773mixDeal MS 2
114068Deal MS 3
127897Deal MS 4
134068Deal MS 5
146587Deal MS 6
157828Deal MS 7
167088Deal MS 8
175117Deal MS 9
18823mixDeeAnn and Emma
190mixEastern Greene MS 1
2008Eastern Greene MS 2
21373mixEastern Greene MS 3
2207Eastern Greene MS 4
2407Evangelical Christian School 1
250mixEvangelical Christian School 2
2608Evangelical Christian School 3
2707Evangelical Christian School 4
2808Evangelical Christian School 5
290mixEvangelical Christian School 6
3008Floyd T. Binns SCRABBLE Team
31287mixHampton Bays MS Baymen
320mixHardy MS 1
3308Hardy MS 2
3408Hardy MS 3
350mixHardy MS 4
3605J.O. Wilson ES
379175Janney ES 1
3805Janney ES 2
3905Janney ES 3
4005Janney ES 4
4105Janney ES 5
429175Janney ES 6
4305Janney ES 7
4404Janney ES 8
4505Janney ES 9
461171mixKyle and Jacob
4707Longfellow MS
4807Martha Washington ES
490mixMcCall ES School
50770mixMount Pleasant Christian School 1
51112mixMount Pleasant Christian School 2
523957North Clay Jr. High Team Red
537908North Clay Jr. High Team White
547547Notre Dame Preparatory School
558095Oakland Terrace ES School
5606Our Lady of Victory Team 1
5708Our Lady of Victory Team 2
5806Oyster-Adams Bilingual School
599205Pine Crest ES
605946Randolph MS Team 1
61533mixRandolph MS Team 2
620mixRandolph MS Team 3
6308Randolph MS Team 4
64891mixRidgefield Library SCRABBLE Club
650mixRidgefield/Pequot Library Team
667198Roosevelt MS
6705Salem ES
68929mixSalem MS/ES Team
6905Seawell ES
701308mixSmash'd an Atom
719498Smith MS 1
727806Smith MS 2
7306Smith MS 3
7406Smith MS 4
7507St. John Lutheran School 1
7606St. John Lutheran School 2
7706St. John Lutheran School 3
786117Tile Hounds
795288Toronto Scrabblenauts
80968mixThe Unbalanced Racks
813887Walter C. Young MS Knights of SCRABBLE Team 1
826478Walter C. Young MS Knights of SCRABBLE Team 2
8306Walter C. Young MS Knights of SCRABBLE Team 3
84669mixWalter C. Young MS Knights of SCRABBLE Team 4
8508Walter C. Young MS Knights of SCRABBLE Team 5
8608Walter C. Young MS Knights of SCRABBLE Team 6
870mixY Not - Binns/Peabody
8808Z Little Falls Library
8905Janney ES 10

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