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2011 National School SCRABBLE Championship

Round 1 Scores

Armuchee ES 23206Churchill Road Bobcats 114251-45
Armuchee ES 34239New York Magicians47335-96
Armuchee ES 56168Smith MS 277398-230
Bay Area Youth Scrabble 17200DC School Scrabble 726387-187
Bay Area Youth Scrabble 28140Lake Oswego SCRABBLE Smarties40435-295
Bay Shore Marauders9418Bloomfield PL12276142
Belzer MS 110220Agawam JHS1396-176
Carlisle MA13447Eastern Greene MS 333282165
Churchill Road Bobcats 215308Thayer PL86378-70
Churchill Road Bobcats 316315DC School Scrabble 625344-29
Churchill Road Bobcats 41755St. John Lutheran 282375-320
Churchill Road Bobcats 518322Decatur GameHawks Blue2924379
DC School Scrabble 120392Seneca MS Scrabble Cats75254138
DC School Scrabble 322401Our Lady of Victory 156243158
DC School Scrabble 827392River Grove ES Atom Bombers67144248
DC School Scrabble 928183Da Talisman Honchos19431-248
Eastern Greene MS 232357Ralphadelphia Omega / Princeton ES62241116
Glenfield School34408OConnor and Tilliss5539216
Glenridge MS35349DC School Scrabble 22133316
Lawrence School41441Armuchee ES 12214227
Luther Jackson SS42402W3 391256146
Mount Pleasant Christian School 144235Randolph MS 264302-67
Mount Pleasant Christian School 245228Hudson MS 239331-103
Jones and Dietz46533Walter C. Young MS Knights of Scrabble 495202331
Nichols Sawmill ES 249458Belzer MS 211244214
Nichols Sawmill ES 350420Armuchee ES 45259161
North Clay JHS White53198Texas School SCRABBLE Champions85425-227
Our Lady of Victory 257194The Quiches (Formerly Lakeland Q)60387-193
Our Lady of Victory 358115North Clay JHS Red52303-188
Ralphadelphia / Princeton ES61147Smith MS 176514-367
Randolph MS 163257Seawell ES 37319067
The Retain-ers65305Salem MS 170429-124
Salem ES69351Nichols Sawmill ES 451239112
Salem MS 271405Hudson MS 138272133
Seawell ES 172322Eastern Greene MS 1313202
Seawell ES 274259DC School Scrabble 524417-158
Smith MS 378439Nichols Sawmill ES 148268171
Solomon Schechter Day School80320Hampton Bays MS3625565
St. John Lutheran 181315Northwest Word Warriors54340-25
St. John Lutheran 383305Smith MS 4793050
St. John Lutheran 484319Our Lady of Victory 45926356
Three Rivers CHECK Mates87432DC School Scrabble 423268164
Toronto School SCRABBLE Champions88636W3 290157479
W3 189315Decatur GameHawks Gold3022194
Walter C. Young MS Knights of Scrabble 192274Magnolia Area SSC43321-47
Walter C. Young MS Knights of Scrabble 293272Windham MS Whiptails97454-182
Walter C. Young MS Knights of Scrabble 394327Robertsons6828839
Walter C. Young MS Knights of Scrabble 596304Ridgefield Library66428-124
Word Wizards of Westchester98439Harding ES374372

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