(more significant changes are in bold type)




Rule III.A.2. (Tiles): Braillable tiles are now specifically allowed for blind players. The wording of what tiles are preferred has been changed slightly (but not substantively changed).



Rule III.B. (Confirming the Number of Tiles): A cross-reference to Rule IV.C.3. (Tiles from an Adjacent Game) has been added.


Rule IV.H.1. (Verifying the Play Score): Referring to objections to wrongly announced scores, part of the last sentence was changed from “after three such objections” to “after three such valid objections”.


Rule IV.H.3. (Willfully Fostering Incorrect Scores): The phrase “It is unethical” has been changed to “It is considered cheating” (to willfully announce/verify incorrect scores).


Rule V.D. (Neutralizing the Clock on the Out Play): The old rule stated that the clock should not be touched until tally sheets are signed. The revised rule states that neither the clock nor the tiles should be touched.


Rule IV.F.2.b. (On All Plays Thereafter): The phrase “becomes binding” was replaced with the phrase “cannot be changed” for slightly improved clarity.


Rule IV.B.5. (Drawing Out of Order): The phrase “50 spread points” was replaced by the phrase “50 tournament spread points” for slightly improved clarity.


Rule IV.B.1.(How to Draw Tiles): The wording was changed to clarify that total tile mixing time for an entire draw is 10 seconds and to clarify that one may draw tiles individually rather than all at once. The word “directly” was also dropped to avoid any misconception that a drawn tile may not be transferred to the other hand before being placed on one’s rack.


Rule V.C.2. (Final Play): The exception at the beginning of the game to the “six-scores-of-zero-and-the-game-is-over” rule was removed. The game can now end with no tiles on the board.


14. Rules I. (Conduct), I.A. (Cheating), and I.C. (Abusive or Disruptive Behavior): References are made to the NASPA Code of Conduct, effective 7/1/09, which governs conduct at NASPA tournaments.